Bring your data stories to life on any screen, anywhere

Drive a culture of data across the organization with live data reports and real-time displays.

  • Curate.
    Choose impactful visualizations to represent your data.

  • Combine.
    Integrate data sources to gain a view of the big picture.

Vizia Curate Screenshot

Choose impactful visualizations to represent your data.

  • Connect.
    Bring your stories to life on any screen, anywhere.


Bring it all together with Vizia. Combine data sources with powerful integrations. Display report data from Salesforce, while keeping track of your Google Analytics Goals. A full-funnel view like never before.

Sources include: ForSight, Brandwatch Analytics, Buzzsumo, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Hootsuite Impact, IQ Media, Pi Datametrics, Salesforce, and Storystream.

With the Vizia Framework – an API development framework – you can also build custom integrations.

Distribution Hub

Welcome to a new age of marketing insight distribution. Simply drag and drop to send your Vizia content to your network of screens, and take full control.

Don’t let your insights get lost in an email or a powerpoint. Any screen, anywhere can be turned into an impactful data display.


Vizia’s new reporting feature allows you to send live, automated and beautiful reports to anyone via email. This means no more wasted hours building instantly outdated PDFs.

With report metrics, you can see exactly who has viewed your work, how many times and even which slides are gaining the most attention.

Impactful Visualizations

Crisis management, customer insights, real-time marketing…No matter what your objective, over 40 visualizations will do your data justice.

Your teams become more engaged and ready to act on opportunities. That report you’ve been working on for days? Get it noticed.

The Crimson Hexagon Platform offers different products for different types of users

  • Deep Analysis

    By blending human intelligence and artificial intelligence, ForSight filters through large scale, noisy data streams to surface unique and impactful insights.
  • Instant Insights

    HelioSight offers a simple, fast and flexible search tool that enables everyone in the organization to conduct instant searches and uncover the latest trends.
  • Reports

    Regularly scheduled reports offer a powerful tool for sharing consumer insights with key stakeholders and the larger team.
  • APIs

    A full set of APIs enable data integration professionals to add new sources or export to other systems.

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