“When you start using Crimson, things get a lot less hazy.”

Jonathan Tesser
Director of Digital Analytics
BET Networks

The Challenge

BET Networks wanted to know exactly who their audience is; what are their concerns? What matters to them?

Jonathan began his research by segmenting the BET audience to identify demographics of their viewers. Once the demographics were known, he began to identify the interests of these groups. Jonathan began to notice that segments speak about topics differently.

For example, the topics from two segments during the Soul Train Awards:

What are the insights?

By analyzing the audience’s Affinities, they were able to:

  • Identified unique content that will resonate with their viewers
  • Determined the topics of discussion and their sentiment with certain target demographics
  • Better understands their audience holistically
  • Effectively minimized spend



Judit Major

Director of Strategic Insights and Research

Comedy Central

The Challenge

A year into the Daily Show, executive stakeholders wanted to know: what is the viewer response to the current correspondents?

Judit began to identify the sentiment towards each of the correspondents and the reasons behind them. She compared positive, negative, and neutral sentiment to understand each correspondents’ audience on a holistic level.

For example, here is the initial positive and negative sentiment of the correspondents on the Daily Show:

What are the insights?

By utilizing sentiment analysis and Buzz monitors, Judit and Comedy Central were able to:

  • Ranked The Daily Show’s most loved correspondents
  • Determined the causes of both positive and negative sentiment
  • Identified the times of year that the correspondents received the most conversation volume


Click the image below to see Judit’s research…

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