Audience Analysis

How can you identify growth opportunities through strategic audience planning? By analyzing large scale consumer conversations, Crimson Hexagon helps you understand the audiences that matter to your brand.

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Brand Analysis

How can you track your brand health in real-time? Crimson Hexagon helps you understand consumer perception of your brand by monitoring large scale, online conversations.

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Campaign Analysis

How can you monitor the performance of multiple campaigns across various channels to determine ROI? Crimson Hexagon allows you to understand the success of your campaigns through consumer reaction, audience reach, intent to purchase and more.

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Competitive Intelligence

How do you gather intelligence on your top competitors and measure your performance against theirs? Crimson Hexagon helps you analyze trillions of consumer conversations to uncover insights on your competitive landscape.

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Customer Care

How can global brands respond to massive volumes of customer inquiries in real time, regardless of the channel? Crimson Hexagon allows brands to automatically surface and categorize customer care issues using advanced machine learning.

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Industry & Trend Analysis

How do you make informed decisions about shifting consumer trends in your industry? Crimson Hexagon helps brands deeply understand their buyers by analyzing large scale consumer conversations within any industry.

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