What Can Social Media Data Tell Us About Emerging US Consumer Trends?

Are Netflix and Hulu killing cable? Is Uber affecting car ownership? Is CrossFit powering past yoga?

Understanding the ebbs and flows of consumer sentiment is essential for helping brands make the right decisions about launching campaigns, reaching new audiences, and curating their brand image. But trends, by nature, are notoriously difficult to predict; by the time a brand catches up it’s often too late.

Luckily, social media data offers a real-time window into the mind of the US consumer. We analyzed millions of social media conversations over several years to understand emerging conversations in Health, Media, Technology, and Transportation.

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The Future of Home Entertainment

Cord-cutting, live-streaming, and other trends upending media & entertainment

Every year, millions of Americans ditch cable in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling. This cable exodus is part of a larger trend of US consumers relying more and more on the internet for their home entertainment. What can social media tell us about why people are cutting the cord and heading for subscription services and live streaming?

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The Future of Home Entertainment

Key Media & Entertainment Highlights

The Health of the Nation

Farmers markets, FitBits and other wellness trends in the US

Few things are more important to Americans than their health. As a result, consumers cycle through diets, food fads and exercise trends at an alarming clip. This has a huge impact on everything from the clothes they wear to the grocery stores they food brands they buy. What can social media data tell us about the evolving health habits of American consumers?

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America's Health Status - Clean and Green

Key Health & Wellness Highlights

Rise of the Machines?

Virtual reality, digital payments, and the evolving landscape of consumer tech

In many ways, it seems like we are in a golden age of personal tech. Virtual reality is unlocking new entertainment possibilities and digital payment options are making commerce easier than ever. But, as always, there’s a dark side to these advances, specifically fears about hacking and privacy invasion. What can social media data tell us about consumers’ mixed reactions to the ever-changing tech landscape?

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eBook - Rise of the Machines?

Key Tech Highlights

The Transformation of Transportation

Ridesharing, self-driving cars and other trends in US transportation

From Uber to self-driving cars, the transportation industry is in the midst of a complete transformation. How do consumers feel about this upheaval? Are they excited to give up the wheel to strangers and computers? Or are they worried they’re on a crash course? We analyzed social media data to better understand how consumers feel about changing American roads.

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Key Transportation Highlights

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