Understanding the Comic Book Audience

Machinima worked with Crimson Hexagon to get insights on the demographics and interests of the comic book audience on Facebook.

47% of the traditionally male-dominated comic book conversation was from females.

In particular, the majority of 18-24 year old comic book fans were female.

Strong female characters like Harley Quinn drove the most engagement among 18-24 year old females.


Video entertainment for the gamer lifestyle and beyond

Machinima, Inc. is a global YouTube network that focuses on gaming, pop culture and fandom, providing content creators with an even larger platform to elevate their storytelling craft.


Better understand comic book fans

To better serve their fandom and pop culture audiences, Machinima wanted to improve their understanding of the larger comic book audience. Learning more about the demographics and interests of those audiences would help them make better sense of survey data and create more engaging content.

“Crimson Hexagon allows us to look at the behaviors of millions of users to develop a quantitatively grounded qualitative analysis. No other data source offers this kind of opportunity.”

-Matt Kautz, Vice President of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Research


Insights to create more engaging content

Machinima worked with Crimson Hexagon to analyze Facebook Audience data to get insights on the comic book audience. They found that the audience is much more female than expected and gained insights into the specific drivers of engagement.

Having a better understanding of comic book fans allowed Machinima to craft messaging and content that resonates with that audience on their social channels. It also provided valuable, proprietary insight they could share with their network of 10,000+ talent partners to help inform their creative choices.



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