Crimson Hexagon for the Travel Industry

The voice of the consumer has tremendous power in the travel industry. What your customers say about their experience, whether through reviews, social posts, travel blogs or any other source, directly impacts future business success or failure. Travel and hospitality businesses need to listen closely to voice of the consumer across every online source. Crimson Hexagon allows travel brands to uncover consumer insights to understand what travelers want and how keep them coming back.

We are a national carrier and we need to understand exactly how do people see our brand, how do they feel about their experiences. It’s very important to us to have social data that’s actionable in order to improve our customers’ daily interactions with us. For Crimson Hexagon, coming into play—it’s really allowed each department to be independent in terms of how they decide on actions and mine data for their teams. Instead of retrospectively reporting on issues that happened a week ago, we’re actually able to get the data now and we can trust the data.
– Sizwe Mdladla, Digital Marketing Manager at South African Airways

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