Samsung Galaxy Fold Sparks Joy

02.28.2019 | Technology

On Feb. 20, Samsung unveiled new phones at its Galaxy Unpacked event: the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10 generated more social conversation than the Galaxy Fold on the day of the event: while the Galaxy S10 had 105k social posts, the Galaxy Fold had 48k.

While the Galaxy S10 had more chatter, the Galaxy Fold’s concept is very buzzworthy. The foldable phone sparked a lot of joy on social media, with 44 percent of the conversation classified as joy. Many herald the phone as ambitious, futuristic, and and simply cool.

Looking at the word cloud, many discuss the foldable aspect, shape, and the display. They also inquire about the camera and color options. Competitors like Huawei, a company with their own foldable phone called the Mate X, also surface in the conversation.

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