Lebron James Scores a Role in ‘Space Jam 2’

03.5.2019 | Culture

Lebron James is a star on the court, but soon he will be a star on the screen with his leading role in Space Jam 2. Excitement for the film started on Feb. 16, when it was reported Space Jam 2 would start filming in the summer. Conversation dwindled in the following days, but rose once more on Feb, 21, when a July 16, 2021 release date was announced. Looking at the topics of conversation, fans discussed the release date and the star Lebron James. Many are excited about the basketball star flexing his acting muscles.

Who is the audience making up the Space Jam 2 conversation? Men dominate the conversation, making up 85 percent share of voice. The age bracket 18-24 makes up half of the conversation.

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