Day 1 of CES 2019 Generates Discussion About Samsung, 5G, and 8K TVs

01.9.2019 | Technology

Every year, technology companies big and small gather in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). They showcase their latest products and services ranging from the practical (improved graphics for laptops) to the extreme (Alexa-enabled smart toilet). On the first day, all eyes were on Samsung. Samsung unveiled a living room-sized TV with 8K QLED resolution, their laptop Notebook 9 Pro, and an air-purifying robot called Samsung Bot Air. Coming in second place for most discussed brands is Google, generating 6.3k posts. The company announced new Google Assistant integrations, including an interactive ride.

When it comes to the actual technology, artificial intelligence was by far the most discussed. With numerous applications, it comes as no surprise. 5G technology was hyped as the successor to 4G technology, with Verizon hailing its potential.

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