Coachella 2019 Lineup Draws Excitement for Ariana Grande but Sadness Overall

01.4.2019 | Culture

Fans eagerly anticipated the Coachella 2019 lineup. And Coachella answered on Jan. 3, unveiling a lineup that includes the likes of Janelle Monáe, CHVRCHES, and Blood Orange with headliners Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Tame Impala. This lineup, and the flower crown-filled festival in general, generated sadness. Looking at emotions, sadness made up 52 percent of the Coachella conversation, as fans lamented the lack of certain artists in the lineup. However, joy was the second most prominent emotion, as fans expressed excitement about the festival and discussed plans to attend.

As for the headliners, Ariana Grande was the most discussed. She will be the fourth woman to headline the festival since it was founded in 1999. Tame Impala made up 23 percent of the conversation: some fans of the indie rock band rejoiced but others were confused as to who they are. Childish Gambino, who released the politically charged and critically acclaimed song “This is America,” had 17 percent share of voice. Many were happy for Grande to headline, with 92 percent of the discussion being positive. Childish Gambino was more divisive, but didn’t receive as much negativity as Tame Impala. Tame Impala had 87 percent negative sentiment, with some wishing for what they deem to be a worthier replacement.

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