What’s New? Innovations in the Crimson Hexagon Platform

Learn more about the revamped version of Crimson Hexagon’s flagship deep analytics tool, ForSight, and see how you can:

  • Get notified about events and crises immediately
  • Uncover highly nuanced insights about your target consumers from content such as customer surveys, product reviews, support tickets, blog posts, and news articles
  • Track the online conversation around visuals related to products, brands, or campaigns with a new search-by-image capability


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What powers the Crimson Hexagon platform?

  • Enterprise-Class Artificial Intelligence
    Automatically detects and delivers insights at a very large scale

  • Best-of-Breed Image Analytics
    Integrates images and unstructured text into a unified analysis

Enterprise-Class Artificial Intelligence
Automatically detects and delivers insights at a very large scale

  • Largest Data Library
    Instant access to the world’s largest repository of consumer conversations

  • Personalized Experience
    Easy-to-understand insights for everyone across the enterprise

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Artificial Intelligence

To deliver insights from large scale unstructured data sources, the Crimson Hexagon Platform uses multiple AI technologies behind the scenes. By identifying patterns at a scale beyond human capacity, these AI technologies are able to surface insights that would not otherwise be available. AI powers everything thing from deep, nuanced insights to a personalized feed of trending data points to a deep understanding of the meaning within images.

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Data Library

Crimson Hexagon made a product choice in 2008, to index and store the global data that was ingested for analysis. There are now more than 1.3 trillion documents in the repository. Behind the scenes, this means there is more training data for the self-learning algorithms. In the analytics, the platforms offers the ability to build year-over-year and historical comparisons, for longitudinal studies into the market, brand, or topics of interest.

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Image Analytics

Natural online conversations are a combination of both image and text. The Crimson Hexagon Platform imitates the way the eye processes visual content using neural networks and deep learning algorithms. Beyond logo recognition, the technology also identifies objects, scenes, facial expressions, and actions. Because the most valuable insights come from looking at the data holistically, the platform offers a unified analysis of both image and text content.

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Personalized Experience

Crimson Hexagon users cover a broad spectrum of analysis consumers and analysis creators, ranging from a business executive to a market researcher to a customer insights analyst. The Crimson Hexagon Platform offers a role-based experience, adapted to each type of user: from dashboards and reports for the executive, to quick & easy insights for the marketer, to deep-dive analytics capabilities for the analyst.

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