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The athletic community has grown to a staggering mass over the years. Sports fans, athletes, fitness junkies, and anyone in between has become a vast and diverse audience and athletic brands have never needed to understand the audience more. Crimson Hexagon helps innovative athletic brands, from the Boston Red Sox to Adidas, stay aligned with, and stay ahead of, the ever-changing needs and desires of the athletic community.

Crimson Hexagon gives brands within the sporting industry unlimited access to the largest library of historical social media, news, blogs and review data with no mentions cap. This allows you to track consumer preferences and how they have changed over time, including contextually analyzing consumer images for insights. Real-time social data monitoring gives brands in the sports industry the ability to react to current conversation and capitalize on brand opportunities. Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered analysis automatically surfaces relevant insights and allows for tracking and categorizing every consumer discussion relevant to your brand.

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