Social Monitoring

Keep tabs on social accounts, campaigns, and topics


Track and analyze your social performance

Evaluate the performance of your social media accounts and campaigns to identify what’s working best and what content is driving the most engagement. Monitor the conversation around any keywords or hashtags to stay on top of the topics that matter to your brand.
Track your competitors and compare your share of voice to theirs. Identify spikes in conversation around your brand or competition and understand what’s behind it. Go beyond basic monitoring to understand the audience, emotions, and historical trends around any brand’s account, campaign or product.

Crimson Hexagon's Social Monitoring


Monitoring Dunkin’ Donuts conversation

Looking at the Dunkin’ Donuts’ owned social accounts you can see moments where their strategic campaign efforts peaked (a campaign built around National Coffee Day tops out conversation on the September 29th) while an organic increase happens on October 6th.
Below, looking at the earned conversation built through #DDPerks, we can see what users who use this hashtag care about, what their shared interests are. These insights are a goldmine for creative planning for new campaigns around social engaged audiences.

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