The Fundamentals of Social Media Analytics

How do you get insights on your target audience, industry landscape, and brand perception?

Social media analytics can help you understand everything from your brand health to the latest trends in your industry. Download our free guide to learn the basics.

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The Elements of Social Media Analytics Blog Series

Audience Analysis
Who is discussing your brand is as important as what they are saying.
Audience Analysis blog

  • Machine Learning
    Train the platform to find exactly what you’re looking for.
    Machine Learning blog

  • Competitive Intelligence
    Track how consumers talk about your competitors across channels.
    Competitive Intel blog

  • Campaign Analysis
    Measure the full impact of your brand’s campaigns with social reactions.
    Campaign Analysis blog

Social Media Analytics Resources

  • Forrester: Social Intelligence is in the Enterprise, not Marketing

    Learn how companies can paint a comprehensive — and human — picture of their customers through social media data.
  • Business Insights Guide

    In this guide, Crimson outlines how businesses can use social listening to get actionable social media data insights.
  • Consumer Insights Guide

    In this consumer insights guide, you'll learn how to leverage social analytics to understand consumer preferences and trends over time.

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