Social Analysis of Key Trends in the CPG Industry


When consumers walk the aisles of their local supermarket, how do they choose which items to put in their carts? Which brands earn their loyalty and which do they shun? What emerging trends are affecting their purchase decisions?  

The answers to these questions can be found in social media data. More and more modern CPG brands are turning to social media analytics to help them understand consumer opinions on everything including the most hated and loved ingredients, brand comparisons, emerging trends, and much more.

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Grocery & Nutrition Trends

How are consumers’ eating habits changing?

The American diet has changed a lot over the past decade.

As the market evolves with the consumer, there are many questions for brands to answer. Who is adopting these diet changes the fastest? How are preferences changing? Are food brands meeting consumer demand? What ingredients are consumers avoiding?

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Beverage Trends

What beverages and brands do consumer prefer?


Few industries change as quickly as the beverage industry.

Cold brew coffee, spiked seltzer, almond milk, craft beer — these are just a few examples of new or refashioned drinks that have exploded in popularity in the last few years.

So how can beverage brands keep up? The billions of consumer conversations about beverages on social media can help brands create and sell the drinks that people want.


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Cosmetics Trends

What do consumers look for in beauty products today?

Shoppers today have high standards for their makeup.

With the huge variety of options for every type of cosmetics product, consumers have a lot of questions about what products to buy. Is this lipstick organic? Has this makeup been tested on animals? Can I use coconut oil instead of a chemical-based product?

Where are consumers asking these cosmetics questions? Social media.

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Surface Cleaner Trends

How do consumers feel about household cleaners?

For most people, household cleaning is an inescapable part of daily life.

But the cleaning products they use are far from constant. New brands come and go, and consumer demand for natural ingredients and increased child safety concerns are always evolving.

Consumers are constantly talking about these evolving trends on social media and forums and we can learn a lot about their preferences from these conversations.

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