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Welcome to the Project: Worldwide + Crimson Learning Center!

The Project: Worldwide + Crimson Learning Center is a hub for Platform Training Resources, Consumer Insights Use Cases, & Social Media Analytics Guides that will enable you for successful use of the Crimson Platform. Scroll down to learn more about the ways in which the Project: Worldwide network can use Crimson to make data-driven decisions to propel vital business outcomes.

Case Studies

Analysis Guides

Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

High-level instructions and recommendations for analyzing a campaign using ForSight.

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Comparative Deep Dive

A thought-starter and prescriptive playbook for approaching comparative analysis.

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Audience Identification Deep Dive

Planning and creation process for an audience analysis including practical examples.

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Brand Health Analysis

Businesses have a lot to learn from the way consumers think about and discuss brands on social.

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Industry Analysis

Industry analysis can be key in ensuring your business maintains its competitive edge.

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