Positioning with Personas

How My Future Cloud used Facebook Audience Insights to Drive Campaign Direction


 58% difference between hypothesized and identified audience gender mix

Identified 9 personas, representing 49% of the total audience

Achieved at least 2.23x greater median ad response within each of the personas


An Agile Disruptor

 My Future Cloud (MFC) is a bespoke digital consultancy based in London. MFC consults, designs & delivers digital transformational change, websites and digital marketing that enables businesses to scale & reach new customers.


An Information Advantage

Presented with the opportunity to win business for a Fortune 2000 hotel operator, MFC engaged Crimson Hexagon to identify their prospect’s audience and uncover unknown insights that would enable them to craft a compelling (and winning) brand narrative.

“Information from Facebook Audience Insights gave us a stronger understanding about our client’s true consumers and their digital personas. People trust Facebook with their friends and work associates so it’s interesting to look at the client’s demographics, influences, and trends  within their ‘social ripple network’.”

-Melissa Helyer, Brand Director, My Future Cloud


Powered by Personas

Crimson Hexagon created custom audiences for each of hotel operator’s brands to leverage Facebook Audience Insights for analysis within its platform.
MFC came to Crimson hypothesizing their client’s audience would be ~60 / 40 male to female. In reality, the opposite was true: 60% of brand engagement came from females.
Differences in occupation, conversation topics, and shared content across age, gender, and location-driven cohorts led Crimson Hexagon to identify 9 personas for MFC, centered around a primary motivation for engaging with the hotel brand, such as visiting the bar for drinks, eating at the restaurant, or vacationing abroad.
Leveraging these personas, MFC created a differentiated strategic narrative that carried them through multiple RFP response rounds and pitches.

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