From quick insights to deep research  

Whether you’re an executive or an experienced analyst, Crimson Hexagon’s easy-to-use products help you uncover the consumer insights that matter, fast. The platform provides easy-to-understand insights for everyone in the organization while empowering analysts to conduct deep-dive analyses that grow with the data maturity of the business.

Our platform helps you translate messy consumer conversation data into meaningful insights, no matter what your role is. An intuitive interface powered by cutting edge AI technology helps you uncover the insights you need more quickly than ever.

Crimson Hexagon's easy-to-use platform

  • Intuitive data visualizations

    The platform identifies patterns at a scale beyond human capacity, so you glean both broad-based and granular insights at a glance.

  • Insights in conversational language

    In addition to providing the hard data on consumer insights, the platform explains key insights in natural language so anyone can understand the significance with or without data analysis skills.

  • AI-powered alerts

    Set custom alerts to get notified when something important happens in consumer conversation. AI automatically surfaces relevant insights before you ask.

  • Search bar simple analysis

    HelioSight lets anyone uncover insights with a simple search for a keyword or hashtag. Understand volume, sentiment, top words, influencers, geography and more with one click.

Easy search, fast insights on any topic

HelioSight enables everyone from analysts to executives to quickly discover and share consumer insights in seconds. The fast and flexible search bar interface enables users to conduct instant searches to uncover the latest trends in online conversations around events, brands, or any other topic.

A quick search for a brand like “Oreo” reveals insights on the volume, sentiment, top posts, top hashtags, top words, emotion of the conversation. The search also provides data on the audience demographics, location, interests, and influencers. All of these insights are generated instantly and you can easily share specific insights or a full report with your team.

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