Machine Learning

Customized analysis for more relevant consumer insights


Artificial intelligence powered by human insight

The hardest business questions to answer are often the most important. What drives people to purchase my product? How are customers using my product? What consumer trends provide the biggest business opportunities?
Social media and other online data sources contain the answers, but the sheer volume of data makes it hard to separate the signal from the noise. Simple automated tools can’t provide relevant answers to this type of business-specific question, and manual analysis isn’t scalable.
Our patented BrightView™ algorithm combines the best of human interpretation and computer processing speed, allowing brands to uncover accurate and relevant insights from any language, at scale.
Train the algorithm to categorize posts just like a human. Customize your analysis to fit the specific business needs for your brand, product, and customers.

Crimson Hexagon's BrightView™ Algorithm


Using machine learning for more relevant insights

When a word like “wicked” is used, it can mean very different things. While the word would normally be categorized as having a negative connotation, it can have a positive connotation when used in certain context in the UK or the Northeastern US. The meaning is ultimately determined by context, which means the results from a purely automated analysis would be inaccurate and irrelevant.

So how can you apply BrightView™ to a specific business question? Imagine trying to do an analysis of Tide detergent. Using a keyword-based search for “tide” would also return results for people talking about the ocean or the Alabama Crimson Tide. Machine learning enables you to pinpoint the brand Tide by training the algorithm with example posts.

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