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Crimson Hexagon helps technology companies like Lenovo utilize online consumer conversations to inform more strategic decision-making across the enterprise. Marketers, in particular, leverage Crimson Hexagon as a crucial source of insights to understanding consumer perception of their brand and products and the underlying drivers of perception.

Crimson Hexagon’s AI-Powered Consumer Insights platform can be used to quickly answer big questions like:

  • What are consumers saying about our brand and products online, across channels?
  • What’s driving fluctuations in brand sentiment and what opportunities does this present?
  • How do conversations about Lenovo products compare to competitor product conversations?
  • What content, campaigns, and events have successfully contributed to Lenovo’s brand health?
  • How can we use these learnings to inform marketing investments and campaign development in the future?


With state-of-the-art AI technologies, image analytics, and the world’s largest data library, Crimson Hexagon can help Lenovo accurately analyze unsolicited consumer conversations at scale in order to monitor brand health in real-time and ultimately react to current conversation and capitalize on brand opportunities quickly.


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