Step 1: L.E.K. User Guide

This guide will help new users better understand the capabilities of social media analytics, learn about the different monitor types and features, as well as next steps for using the service platform.



Step 2: Foundations Training Series

Approaching Crimson

Unstructured data, crafting business questions and making decisions on the Platform based on your questions.

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Social Account Monitor

Tracking owned content and engagement metrics from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Buzz Monitor

Fundamentals of building Buzz Monitors, utilizing Boolean and setting up your keywords, and a walkthrough of metrics.

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Opinion Monitors

How to create custom categories and train posts for a more nuanced analysis

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Utilizing Data

Learn how to export and visualize your analyses.

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Step 3: L.E.K. Monitor Set-Up Instruction Guide

Best practices for building monitors with Crimson Hexagon by walking you through the process step-by-step.



Step 4: New User Guide & Tips and Tricks

New User Guide

Includes the knowledge and tools needed to quickly get up to speed to run the platform.

Tips and Tricks

A compiled list of tips and tricks discovered by L.E.K. staff users based on their navigation of the platform.


Additional Resources:

  • Fundamentals of Social Media Analytics – This resource will help you learn the fundamentals of social media analytics and how you can apply it to enhance and extend consumer insights.
  • Crimson Hexagon Metrics: Brand Growth & Opportunities – Reviews key tactics for drilling down into the platform and provides suggestions on how you can approach the platform with targeted questions to uncover potential opportunities.
  •  Crimson Hexagon Lunch & Learn – Includes a brief overview of how social media can offer us valuable insights as well as how to develop opportunities of discovery from the available content for inclusion in your analysis strategies (e.g., Brand health, Comparative, Industry, etc.).
  • Crimson Hexagon Professional Services – This document covers Crimson Hexagon’s Professional Services offering – where customized consulting services are available to case teams for an additional fee (contact our account manager for further details and pricing).

For further assistance, if needed, please contact Crimson Hexagon’s Support services via the Help Center.