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Brands are drowning in unprecedented volumes of consumer data. We can help. We bring structure and meaning to the voices of billions of people so that our customers can truly connect with consumer needs.

Back in October, we announced a merger between the 2 market leaders, Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch. Industry analysts greeted the announcement with enthusiasm:

“With Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon’s announced merger, we’re excited to see two complementary platforms unite to push the industry forward.”
— Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, When Social Tech Socializes: Brandwatch + Crimson Hexagon Make A Logical Match

As a larger merged company with deep expertise and extensive resources, we continue to innovate on our existing platforms, while also building an integrated solution that will truly “push the industry forward.”

Today: What sets us apart from the rest

Largest Archive of Consumer Conversations

With over one trillion posts, we have the largest library of public social data. This enables us to provide insights on virtually any topic. The repository dates back to 2008, giving unique access to historical consumer conversations. You can compare trends year over year, or track the evolution of brand perception over time.

Our data is global, and growing quickly. We add more than 15 billion posts every month. The repository includes data from social media posts, blogs, forums, news, reviews, and we have full firehoses from both Twitter and Reddit.

With an extensive and deep library containing valuable historical data, the world’s conversations are at your fingertips.


AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Consumer conversations contain a vast amount of potential insights, but the sheer volume of data makes it hard to separate the signal from the noise. Artificial Intelligence automates the discovery and delivery of insights at a very large scale.

AI is an umbrella term for a variety of advanced technologies.

  • Machine Learning. Frame analysis in your terms and categorize conversations at scale. More accurately identify sentiment, emotion, and specific elements within images.
  • Natural Language Processing. Make sense of messy, unstructured human language in everything from social posts to reviews and call transcripts.
    Image Analytics. Get the whole picture of the conversation by analyzing the content and elements contained within images.
  • Neural Networks. Recognize patterns in huge amounts of unstructured data including text and images for more accurate categorization over time.
  • Predictive alerts. Get notified automatically when a significant shift occurs, without even asking.


These insights go deep, extending far beyond the surface level. Users can extract volume over time, sentiment, emotion, topics, demographics, affinities, geography, and more.

Our sentiment analysis enables users to understand negative and positive conversation. Powered by Natural Language Processing, our sentiment analysis is applied to text-based conversations quickly and accurately. Sentiment analysis tools automatically categorize posts based on the feelings the posts express — it could be anything from products to broader topics.



Enterprise-Class Suite

Our solutions provide easy-to-understand insights for everyone in the organization while empowering analysts to conduct deep-dive analyses that grow with the data maturity of the business. Whether you’re an executive or an experienced analyst, you can uncover the consumer insights that matter, fast.

Our platform helps you translate messy consumer conversation data into meaningful insights, no matter what your role is. An intuitive interface powered by cutting edge AI technology helps you uncover the insights you need more quickly than ever.

APIs are available for those wanting to dive deep into the data, and dashboards are just a click away for high-level summaries. The experience is straightforward and intuitive, making it versatile and accessible to all.

Global Customer Success

We want to empower all of our customers to make data-driven decisions. We have customers in a wide range of industries, from Consumer Packaged Goods to Media and Entertainment, from Financial Services to Consumer Electronics, and much more. With varying needs, we can provide customers with solutions due to our deep expertise and global coverage. We provide support, training, strategy, and insights for our customers to bolster their success.

To quote Forrester analyst Jessica Liu: “Both companies have strong account management and scored high with customer references for their client success programs.”

With the combined company, we have global reach like no other vendor in the industry, many years of expertise, and a dedicated strategic insights team to ensure the success of our customers.

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