New User Guide

This guide will help new users of the Crimson Hexagon platform understand the capabilities of social media analytics, learn about the different products and features, as well as teach users how to navigate.



Intel Recorded Training

This is a recorded training session conducted by the Crimson Hexagon Onboarding Team for Intel. The video is required viewing in order to be given access to the Platform.


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Foundations Training Series

  • Entire Series

    This series is geared towards new users and covers best practices for building Monitors with Crimson Hexagon
  • Approaching Crimson

    Unstructured data, crafting business questions and making decisions on the Platform based on your questions
  • Social Account Monitor

    Track owned content and engagement metrics from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
  • Buzz Monitor

    Fundamentals of building Buzz Monitors, utilizing Boolean and setting up your keywords, and a walkthrough of metrics
  • Opinion Monitor

    How to create custom categories and train posts for a more nuanced analysis
  • Utilizing Data

    Learn how to export and visualize you analyses

Analysis Guides

Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

High-level instructions and recommendations for analyzing a campaign using ForSight.

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Comparative Deep Dive

A thought-starter and prescriptive playbook for approaching comparative analysis.

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Audience Identification Deep Dive

Planning and creation process for an audience analysis including practical examples.

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Brand Health Analysis

Businesses have a lot to learn from the way consumers think about and discuss brands on social.

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Industry Analysis

Industry analysis can be key in ensuring your business maintains its competitive edge.

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