TLDR: Starting on December 11th, 2018, Instagram began to deprecate its Platform API, which means that how they allow all brands and agencies to access Instagram data is changing. Crimson Hexagon is building new capabilities to facilitate your access to Instagram data in accordance with a new set of industry-wide terms and conditions dictated by Facebook.

What is changing?

As Instagram matures, so do its APIs, which are the mechanism for delivering data to other applications, such as Crimson Hexagon. Instagram is deprecating its pre-acquisition Platform API in favor of its post-acquisition Graph API. After Dec. 11, 2018, the type of data and the method for requesting data will change.

Why is this change happening?

Instagram is making these changes to improve the privacy and security of Instagram users. Because these changes come from Instagram, all third-party vendors will experience changes in the type of Instagram data they can access and will need to adapt.

What does that mean for me?

The type and volume of Instagram data available to you will be different. More data about your organization will be made available. But, there will be limitations on the volume of hashtag data available. Similar to Facebook Page data, Crimson Hexagon will no longer offer pooled Instagram data as a basic content source (historical Instagram data will remain available).

What is the timeline for the transition?

1. On December 11th, 2018 Crimson Hexagon stopped collecting new Instagram data for our basic content source and targeted hashtags.

2. By the end of December 2018, our fast-tracked integration with the Graph API was completed. This provides new targeted hashtag tracking capabilities for up to 30 hashtags per week.

3. Later in Q1 and Q2 of 2019 more robust data for owned and non-owned Instagram Business Accounts will become available in the platform, including public mentions and tags of your organization across Instagram.

Can I only collect data for accounts that I own?

No. You will still be able to collect data for targeted hashtags, non-owned Instagram Business Accounts and Public, Non-Business Accounts, but the level of data will be slightly different.

Targeted Hashtags:
New Restriction: Each IG Business Account may only request data for 30 unique hashtags within any 7 day period.
New Restriction: Each hashtag tracked will pull data from “point in time” forward, no historical data
New Restriction: T&Cs prohibit us from offering a general pool of Instagram data
Owned Business Account (aka Admin Access):
No Change: All media posted by the account
No Change: Engagement metrics for all media
No Change: All comments
New Data: All media and comments in which my business account is mentioned or tagged
New Data: Numerous additional insights metrics (reach and audience metrics, to name a few).
 Non-owned Business Account:
New Data: All media posted by a business account
New Data: Engagement metrics on all media posted by the business account
New Data: Any comments in which your owned Business Account(s) is mentioned
 Public, non-Business Account:
New Data: If you are tagged in the media or @mentioned in the post, you will be able to see the post, the media and any comments in which your owned Business Account is mentioned
New Data: If you are not tagged in the media or @mentioned in the post, you will only be able to see comments in which your owned Business Accounts are mentioned 


How is it going to work?

Pulling data from the Graph API will require that you link your organization’s Facebook Page with its Instagram Business Account. In practical terms, this means that you will need to do the following:

First: identify the accounts you are interested in pulling data for and ensure they are configured as “Business Accounts”

Second: link those Business Accounts to a Facebook Page (instructions on how to do that here).

What are my next steps?

Inform your stakeholders

Given the changes that will come along with the implementation of the Graph API, prepare to create a new baseline for your IG analysis.

Become or identify the right users to authenticate your Facebook and Instagram account(s)

Make sure that the Crimson Hexagon user who will make this request has a role on that Facebook Page – you will use that person’s log-in credentials for Facebook to authenticate your Instagram Business Account.

Configure your Crimson Hexagon account

We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: 12/27 – The new capability to track Instagram hashtags is now available for customers. Please review the instructions below:


UPDATE 12/28 – For more detailed instructions on tracking hashtags please visit read our new help center article: Targeted Hashtags & Business Account Setup.

UPDATE 1/15 – Instagram no longer provides meta-data regarding the location of a given post.


We will continue to keep you posted as we receive new information from our Product team. In the meantime, please reach out to us with any questions. You can also keep up with the latest Instagram news here on their developer website.  

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Instagram’s API Changes: Webinar with Q&A, for customers only

Watch the Recording

View our customer webinar recorded on December 18 with Mitch Brooks, Senior Director of Product at Crimson Hexagon, for the latest overview of new Instagram capabilities and info on how to configure Crimson Hexagon to target Instagram data for your context.