Stay informed on the latest consumer trends

How do you make informed decisions about shifting consumer trends in your industry? Crimson Hexagon helps brands deeply understand their buyers by analyzing large scale consumer conversations within any industry.

  • Identify motivations and behaviors that influence buying behavior
  • Uncover granular insights into the consumer’s path to purchase
  • Understand key shifts within an industry over time to capitalize on market opportunities

How Levy identified market-specific food trends

Using Crimson Hexagon, Levy found that consumers in St. Louis wanted fusion restaurants with options including Mexican, Asian, and BBQ. Levy opened opened an Asian fusion restaurant in the Scottrade Center and within half a season, they had already exceeded the revenue for the entire year prior.

AI-powered industry & trend analysis

Crimson Hexagon leverages state-of-the-art AI technologies, image analytics, and the world’s largest data library. We help our customers quickly and easily analyze consumer conversations so they can get powerful insights into industry trends.

  • AI

    Machine learning allows for a scalable and accurate approach to discovering consumer trends within any industry.
  • Data Library

    The industry’s largest historical data library allows users to monitor how consumer trends evolve year-over-year.
  • Image Analytics

    Image analysis allows users to understand how consumers are communicating about the industry visually.
  • Personalized Experience

    Easy-to-use platform allows everyone to uncover industry trends while providing advanced tools for analysts.

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