Don't Miss Out On Visual Conversations

More than 3 billion photos are shared daily on social media and an estimated 85% of those photos lack text references to the brands within them. As the shift towards visual conversation continues, it becomes increasingly important to incorporate images into your social listening strategy.

To get the full picture of what’s happening, you need a unified view of both text and images.

Our technology imitates the way the human eye processes visual content using neural networks to detect the logos, objects, scenes and action in image-based posts.

New! Reverse Image Search

The first in the industry to offer this advanced feature, Crimson Hexagon extends its technology leadership in AI and image analytics, allowing analysts to search by picture, instead of text, across Crimson Hexagon’s data library. Results include exact matches, visually similar images, and a full set of analytics on the consumer conversations related to that particular picture. With the ability to run analytics that key on images, brands gain a deeper understanding of consumer perception and sentiment around visual portrayals of their products, brands, or campaigns.

Crimson Hexagon's AI-Powered Image Analytics

  • Analysis beyond just logos

    Other image analytics solutions can only identify logos. Gain a deep understanding of visual posts by analyzing logos, objects, scenes, facial characteristics, and actions.

  • The world’s largest index of visual conversation

    Image analysis is only as good as the data it’s applied to. Track trends over time and make sure you don’t miss a single insight by analyzing billions of images.

  • Full integration with text analytics

    By analyzing text and images together, you can understand the full picture of what’s happening in the online conversations that matter to your brand.

  • Powered by deep learning

    Our AI-powered image analysis uses neural networks and deep learning trained on billions on images to provide the most accurate results on the market.

Getting the full story on Grey Goose’s audience

Image analytics can help brands uncover new insights that text analytics alone would miss. For example, using image and text analysis together to get a more accurate view of your brand’s audience.

Tracking the Grey Goose conversation on Twitter, we found that the audience was significantly male (73%) and tended to be over 35 years old. When we filtered the results to show only posts containing images that included the Grey Goose logo, we found the audience tended to include more females (+22%) and fell into a younger age category.

While text analysis provided the data on age and gender, using images as a filter revealed a hidden audience and showed a shift in the topics of conversation.

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