Consumer insights made search bar simple

HelioSight offers a simple, fast, and flexible search tool that enables everyone in the organization to immediately discover consumer insights.

  • Search for insights, instantly
    Would you like a quick snapshot of the relevant themes in large scale conversations?

  • Explore the data, on your own terms
    What if you could do quick data discovery, without involving an analyst?

Search for insights, instantly
Would you like a quick snapshot of the relevant themes in large scale conversations?

  • Visualize the trends
    What if your quick search into the data automatically generated shareable visualizations?   

  • Share the data-driven insights
    What if you could offer data-driven sound bites to your stakeholders?

Top HelioSight Features

Ad-hoc Data Search

Get curated insights about your specific campaign, competition, industry and more. Built for the casual data user, HelioSight provides a quick search for exploring large scale consumer conversations. You can quickly filter results by location, language, social network and more. You can even “drill-across,” or click on a key topic in the result set and start a new search.  

Self-serve Analytics

HelioSight allows you to instantly explore an audience, market or research topic, without involving an analyst. You can get quick insights into:

  • Audience: Demographics, interests, influencers
  • Conversation: Sentiment; top words, phrases, and hashtags; popular content
  • Image: Top logos

Data Visualizations

With data visualizations on psychographics, demographics, themes in conversations and more, a quick data search turns into a broad understanding of the topic at hand. HelioSight uses artificial intelligence to add an umbrella statement that explains the trend in plain language, such as “The conversation peaked on March 22; sentiment is highly positive.” You get actionable, easy-to-understand insights, not just a list of charts and graphs.

Sharing the Insights

HelioSight allows you to deliver quick and current snapshots of insights to those who need them, when they are needed. All visualizations can be exported as reports in just one click, so you can empower the entire organization with data-driven insights.

Different products for different types of users

  • Deep Analysis

    By blending human intelligence and artificial intelligence, ForSight filters through large scale, noisy data streams to surface unique and impactful insights.
  • Dashboards

    Crimson Hexagon’s customizable dashboards make it easy to share strategic insights with executive stakeholders.
  • Reports

    Regularly scheduled reports offer a powerful tool for sharing consumer insights with key stakeholders and the larger team.
  • APIs

    A full set of APIs enable data integration professionals to add new sources or export to other systems.

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