New Product: HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon

Social insights made search bar simple.

Introducing HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon, a groundbreaking new social analytics product that enables everyone in enterprise brands and agencies to discover and share insights from social data.

In-depth analysis in an instant

HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon analyzes social data in seconds flat, no matter the search.

Intuitive interface & design

If you can perform an internet search, you can use HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon. It’s just that simple.

Share-worthy data visualizations.

Make social insights more visible throughout your organization with highly shareable, clear, meaningful visuals.

All of the data means enterprise-level insights.

HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon analyzes Twitter’s full repository of posts, enabling you to instantly perform accurate searches regardless of volume.

Animation showing HelioSight's social media dashboard features.

Animation showing HelioSight's demographic and social media audiences data.

Data scientist-level analytics at your fingertips

Psychographic, demographic, audience interests, affinities and more are now instantly available to everyone in your organization. Build smarter campaigns, products, and processes… regardless of your role.

Cross-product navigation for deeper analysis.

See something you want to explore further? Instantly click into Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight product for more in-depth analysis over a longer historical timeframe

Animation showing HelioSight's social word cloud.


What HelioSight users are saying.

The logo City Football Group.
"“Speed is a core facet not only of building a winning football team, but also of how we interact with our customers, partners and athletes. With HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon, anyone in our company – from Melbourne to Manchester – is able to easily use social insights to better understand consumers and what they are saying.”"
Andrew Gilligan, Head of Insights at City Football Group

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