Getting to the Heart of Valentine’s Day on Facebook

The greeting card company used Facebook Audience Insights data to understand the trending topics and engagement behavior of female millennials around Valentine’s Day.

Lamenting being single was a major conversation topic among female millennials.

Female millennials are 26% more likely to share Valentine’s Day content than millennial moms.

was a common interest for both female millennials and millennial moms.


A century of special occasions

Hallmark has been the world’s best-known greeting card brand for more than a century, and its cards can be bought in more than 40,000 stores.


Understand the events that matter

Hallmark wanted to understand the female millennial trends around Valentine’s Day in order to create cards and campaigns that resonate with their customers. To do this, Hallmark needed to understand the audience demographics, interests and trending topics of the female millennial audience.

“The combination of Facebook Audience Insights and Crimson’s powerful platform give Hallmark the ability to find correlations easily between specific topics like Valentine’s Day and what people are talking about. Given a little brainstorming, I think there is something here to help target our ads in the future.”
Christine Thurm, Social Intelligence Manager, Hallmark


Understanding the events that matter

Hallmark used Crimson Hexagon to analyze Facebook Audience Insights in order to get to the heart of the Valentine’s Day conversation. The analysis allowed them to answer questions like: What were female millennials saying about their Valentine’s Day habits? How were female millennial and millennial mom audiences different? How did they engage with Valentine’s Day content on the platform?
By understanding the female conversation surrounding the holiday, Hallmark could come up with more targeted creative and more engaging campaigns.

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