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Here are some of the most popular questions and answers about Crimson Hexagon’s AI-Powered Consumer Insights platform.

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  • What data sources does Crimson Hexagon offer?

    Since we index and store all of our data, our customers have open and efficient access to our entire historical content library, regardless of search terms or conversation volume. We don’t have any query or mention caps, so you don’t pay extra for analyzing more data. This unlimited access gives you a competitive edge as you look at your online conversations and audiences over time.

    Sources for data analysis include social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Reddit and other forums, Tumblr, reviews, news, blogs, and other public online data sources. With Crimson Hexagon, you can also analyze your own internal enterprise data, such as call transcripts, chat logs, support tickets, and much more. We also have integrations with Spredfast, Domo, Hootsuite, and Birst and our Content Upload API can ingest proprietary sources of unstructured text.

  • What is the basis of Crimson Hexagon’s demographics data?

    A combination of geo-tagged media posts and other attributes such as users’ profile/bio information, time zones, languages and the content of their posts can be used to determine the countries, regions and cities from where they have posted.

  • What is the basis of Crimson Hexagon’s geographic data?

    We use numerous social media and offline text and image data sets to derive demographics data including age, gender, location and interests.

  • Can I export data from the platform?

    Yes, you can export the metrics and data from each analysis into Excel or image format. Data can be extracted through our Results or Analysis APIs.

  • Do you offer an API?

    Yes, we have multiple APIs that allow for programmatic data extraction as well as programmatic uploads of additional sources of unstructured data.

  • What's the pricing breakdown for using Crimson's Consumer Insights Platform?

    Please reach out to for more details on pricing options.

Using Crimson Hexagon

  • What support will I have once I become a customer?

    We provide an array of support options to help meet the needs of all different types of customers. From quick start, self-directed solutions to our full-service coaching and strategic consulting options, we’ve got you covered. Crimson Hexagon provides a wide range of support and services to help every customer, from startups to enterprises, get the most value out of the platform. Our services team is here to help you through every step of the process, from getting started to strategizing on big projects.

  • Is there an alerts system?

    Yes, within Crimson Hexagon, users can set alerts on a robust selection of customizable criteria, including keyword mentions, sentiment & emotions, influencers and more. Additionally, Crimson Hexagon features AI-generated alerts that automatically scan for anomalies and alert you to new trends.

  • How often is the technology updated?

    We have scheduled system updates at least twice a month. During these updates we address bugs, release new features and improve existing functionality.

  • What reporting options do you offer?

    Crimson Hexagon offers a reports feature that allows users to build custom reports and schedule automated delivery. With the live dashboards feature, users can share analysis visualizations with anyone, inside or outside the firewall.

    In addition, all  other visualizations have export options so that you can put insights from your analyses directly into reports you are working on.

  • What languages are covered in the tool?

    1. Much of our analysis is language-agnostic
    2. We can index 185 languages
    3. Automated sentiment analysis is available for English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Korean
    4. Language identification is available for the languages above and Azerbaijani, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Thai, and Urdu
  • How much historical data is available?

    We provide the largest indexed database of consumer conversations with over 1 trillion posts, going back to June of 2008.

  • Does Crimson Hexagon offer consulting services?

    Yes, we do have a Professional Services team available on a contractual basis for project work and consulting services.


  • What does Crimson Hexagon do?

    Crimson Hexagon helps global brands better understand their consumers. With instant access to the world’s largest volume of unstructured text and images across social, online public, and enterprise-held data sources, Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered consumer insights platform allows clients to analyze audiences, track brand perception and campaign performance, and even detect competitive and market trends. Our clients include Anheuser-Busch InBev, Adidas, General Mills, Paramount Pictures, and Twitter.

  • What makes Crimson Hexagon different from other social analytics companies or big data companies?

    The platform’s ability to deliver broad consumer insights centers around four foundational concepts: artificial intelligence, the data library, image analytics, and a role-based user experience.

  • Where is Crimson Hexagon located?

    Crimson Hexagon is headquartered in the seaport innovation district of Boston, MA, with a European headquarters in the South Bank of London.

  • Where did Crimson Hexagon’s name come from?

    In The Library of Babel, Jorge Luis Borges, the poet and essayist, wrote of an infinite expanse of hexagonal rooms filled with books containing every possible arrangement of letters. For every important, beautiful, or useful book in this library there exists endless volumes of gibberish.

    The only way to navigate this vast sea of meaningless information is to locate the Crimson Hexagon, the one room that contains a log of every other book in the library – a guide to extracting meaning from all the unstructured information.

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