Surface the consumer insights that matter most to your business

By blending human intelligence and AI, ForSight filters through massive, noisy data streams to surface impactful insights.  

  • Ask questions, get insights
    What do you want to know about your market?

  • Get the meaning behind the data
    What are the topics, segments, or sentiment in a public online conversation or in your own consumer data?

  • Let AI slice and dice the data for you
    Would you like to tell the machine how to categorize 1.3 trillion posts?

Ask questions, get insights
What do you want to know about your market?

  • Drill down into the analytics
    What if you had a visual guide into the data? 

  • Make the insights actionable
    What if the spikes in volume or sentiment were delivered directly to your inbox, before you even asked?

  • Track the information sources that matter most What if you had instant insights from social media, news sites, and your own corporate content sources?

Top ForSight Features


Ask questions of the data, and get answers. With the world’s largest data library of consumer conversations, you need a powerful query tool. ForSight allows you to query all aspects of unstructured data sets — from text-based information to images to audience. Whether you need point-in-time consumer research, or longitudinal studies, ForSight allows you to ask the deep dive analytical questions.

Automated Categorization

Categorization is the first step towards insights. ForSight offers many types of automated categorization for the consumer conversations in its data library, such as:

  • Sentiment: Positive, negative and neutral
  • Emotions: Anger, fear, disgust, joy, surprise, sadness
  • Topics: The main themes in the conversation
  • Audience: Interests, demographics, psychographics, influencers
  • Images: Logos, objects, actions, scenes, facial characteristics.

Custom Categorization

Slicing and dicing the data at scale is the key to finding the insights that drive business decisions. With the ForSight BrightView algorithm, the subject matter experts frame the research in their terms by defining their own custom categories, and supervised machine learning algorithms do the heavy lifting of categorizing the data.


ForSight offers a rich variety of data visualizations to guide the analyst. From word clouds to topic clusters to audience affinities and more, all visualizations give an easy-to-digest overview of the conversation. With interactive drill-down capabilities, the analyst can explore the broad trends and the nuances within the topic at hand. With artificial intelligence to add an umbrella statement that explains the trend in plain language, such as “The conversation peaked on March 22; sentiment is highly positive,” you get actionable, easy-to-understand insights, not just a list of charts and graphs.

Trend Detection

With machine learning under the hood, ForSight automates delivery of the insights that are most relevant to a particular user. When there is an anomaly in the typical pattern, such as a shift in volume, sentiment, audience profile, or themes, alerts are automatically triggered and the information is posted on the Crimson Hexagon insights feed.


Every organization should track the conversations about their brand, products, and market. Beyond monitoring large scale consumer conversations, Crimson Hexagon uses AI technologies to instantly surface the insights and find the signal within the noise. ForSight offers active monitoring of a wide variety of sources, such as owned social media accounts, news sites, and proprietary corporate content sources.

Different products for different types of users

  • Deep Analysis

    By blending human intelligence and artificial intelligence, ForSight filters through large scale, noisy data streams to surface unique and impactful insights.
  • Dashboards

    Crimson Hexagon’s customizable dashboards make it easy to share strategic insights with executive stakeholders.
  • Reports

    Regularly scheduled reports offer a powerful tool for sharing consumer insights with key stakeholders and the larger team.
  • APIs

    A full set of APIs enable data integration professionals to add new sources or export to other systems.

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