Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of the Crimson Hexagon Platform

We commissioned Forrester, a top research and advisory firm, to conduct a study to uncover the ROI from using the Crimson Hexagon.
To conduct their study, Forrester spoke with industry experts and current Crimson customers to assess the economic impact of adopting the Crimson Hexagon social media analytics platform.
forrester-RGB-white_logoHere’s what they found.

What Forrester uncovered about Crimson Hexagon’s ROI

The estimated ROI from using Crimson Hexagon:

182% Return on Investment


The expected time to recoup costs from an investment in Crimson Hexagon:

6 Months to Paybacktime-to-roi

Which aspects of Crimson provide the most value to customers?

 $1,346,656 total savings:


Customer Quotes


We constantly evaluate new vendors and we stay with Crimson. The cost is really affordable as Crimson is not charging for data, and they have the full Twitter firehose and historic data we don’t have to pay for. Crimson is really the most value-added choice for us.

— Director of social media insights, television programming company


We’re able to answer future-facing business questions by looking back at trends over time to see how the conversations around them are changing. Crimson Hexagon takes strategic social research to the next level.

— Social media insight lead, telecommunications service provider


We have started to look at HelioSight, and we’re finding that it enables a lot more people to discover and share insights from social data. The marketing department staff is able to click between HelioSight results and the ForSight platform to investigate and analyze results. In the future, this should save my social analytics staff time and effort.

— Social media insight lead, telecommunications service provider

Social media analysis provides a huge opportunity for forward-thinking enterprises.
But before you invest in a social analytics technology, you want to know what your ROI will be and how other organizations have successfully used the platform.
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