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Consumer expectations for financial services have changed drastically over the past decade. The rise of online banking and finance apps were just the beginning, as new services and technologies accelerate changes in the industry. Analyzing online consumer conversations allows you to track the financial topics consumers are talking about and understand their changing preferences. Tapping into online conversations can provide valuable consumer insights about all areas of the industry including banking, investments, insurance & more.

How Standard Bank uses Crimson Hexagon to improve customer relations

“At Standard Bank, it’s important for us to understand exactly what people think about our brand. We rely a lot on Crimson Hexagon to help us manage online reputation. As a global business, we do get embroiled in some controversial issues at times, and we use Crimson Hexagon to dig deeper into what is driving those conversations so that we can respond accordingly.”
-Russel Smit, Senior Manager of Social Engagement and Digital Content, Standard Bank Group

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