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Located right next door to Fidelity on Summer Street in Boston, Crimson Hexagon works with financial services organizations to help them understand the ever-changing consumer preferences and disruption in the financial landscape.

Millions of conversations about financial services happen on public platforms every day and analyzing these conversations allows organizations like Fidelity to track the financial topics people are talking about. Tapping into these conversations can provide insights on financial consumers across all areas of business including investments, retirement, insurance and more. Crimson Hexagon helps financial services brands analyze those conversations to:

  • Track perception around Fidelity brands and services
  • Segment your audiences based on interest in specific products and services
  • See what the audiences for competing financial products are talking about and why
  • Create custom analysis categories to track stages of financial decision making across products
  • Identify customer care issues quickly so you can respond faster 
  • Understand key trends across different products from ETF’s to Financial Advice


Ben Conway

Business Development Representative



Mike D’Aloia

Senior Consumer Insights Executive


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