AI-powered consumer insights for global brands.

Our enterprise consumer insights platform makes data analysis easy, whether you’re a brand manager, marketer, executive, product developer, or otherwise.

How can AI-powered insights help my business?

Benchmark against competitors

Look at sentiment, share of voice, compare audience segments and more – all with a few key strokes.

Analyze product launch response

Determine what motivated consumers to buy or not buy your latest product, and find ideas for how can you be more impactful in the future.

Better understand target audiences

Explore audience segments, find new audience interests, and identify opportunities with data at the post and aggregate levels.

Track purchase intent

Understand when, where, and how consumers speak about purchasing your product or category, and track changes over time.

Evaluating promotion impact

Assess whether your latest creative generate social buzz, and review which interest segments the campaign resonated with most.

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"In an agency environment, the pace of work can be very quick, especially when it’s pitch time. This tool enables us to … produce insights which are meaningful and stand out to our clients or potential clients."
Manvir , Social Analyst at Cake Group/HAVAS EHS
"Crimson Hexagon is an important democratizing force in the world: The rise of social media has led to the largest increase in the expressive capacity of the human race in history. Crimson Hexagon’s solution gives voice to the people in a way that can be heard."
Gary King, Co-founder, Chair of the Crimson Hexagon Board at Crimson Hexagon
"The bar has been raised for social listening tools… ForSight has helped us win multiple clients and justify strategies for others."
Benjamin , Digital Marketing Strategist at MRM Worldwide
"The ForSight platform has transformed our ability to understand large scale reactions to important political events worldwide. With it we can begin to answer questions that arise from people engaging with politics using social media. It is a leap frog technology for political science."
Dustin Tingley, Associate Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University

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