Understanding the Value of Today’s Top Social Media Platforms

Social media data matters to brands. Analyzing social data allows brands to understand how consumers really feel about any product, topic or trend. But where is this “social data’ actually coming from?
In our new report, we take a deep dive to look at the specific benefits of analyzing data from Twitter, Forums, and Instagram.

Social Media Data Sources:

The Value of Twitter

Real-time reactions

Twitter enables users to provide live commentaries for events like the Super Bowl, react to political issues, respond to companies’ PR crises, and more. The instant reactions, emotionally charged posts, and wealth of historical information on Twitter makes it a valuable tool for researchers and brands.
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Twitter Data Highlights

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The Value of Forums

Longform discussion

People join forums to both share and seek information about the topics that matter to them. There are forums that cover almost every imaginable topic, reaching a massive range of participants and providing everything from general guidance to specific instructions. Thanks to the breadth and depth of content, forum data is useful for researchers and brands that want insights that do more than just skim the surface—they want an understanding of how people exchange information on specific topics and trends.
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The Value of Instagram

Visual insights

Users have flocked to Instagram for its photo-first mentality and they use it as a window into their daily lives with photos about the events, moments and brands that are important to them. Instagram is an unparalleled source of insights on the lives and interests of consumers, making Instagram data a goldmine for brands and agencies that want an authentic understanding of what matters to their customers.
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Instagram Data Highlights

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