At-a-glance views of the analytics that matter most

With Crimson Hexagon’s flexible dashboards, you can monitor KPIs and share actionable insights across the organization.

  • Share insights across the enterprise.
    What if you could instantly tell a story with the data?

  • Monitor KPIs continuously.
    Would you like to track brand health, campaign performance, and more, in real time?

Share insights across the enterprise.
What if you could instantly tell a story with the data?

  • Create the dashboard that works best.
    Would you like to tailor the data view to your audience?

  • Tell a broader data story.
    If you could integrate your enterprise data, would the dashboards offer more insights to your executives?

Top Dashboards Features

Shareable Dashboards

Crimson Hexagon’s Dashboards make it easy to tell a story with the data. You can share the consumer insights derived from your ForSight analytics with easy-to-digest visuals that allow everyone to understand even the most complex data. With artificial intelligence to add an umbrella statement that explains the trend in plain language, such as “The conversation peaked on May 5; sentiment is variable,” you get actionable, easy-to-understand insights, not just a list of charts and graphs.

Live Monitoring

Crimson Hexagon customers use the Dashboards for monitoring everything from brand health KPIs to live campaigns to potential reputational crises. Behind the scenes, the analytics are running across the world’s largest data library of consumer conversations to surface the insights that matter most to your organization. The live visualizations enable key stakeholders to make the data-driven decisions in real time.

Customizable Views

With customized views of KPIs, dashboards can address each team’s specific needs. It’s easy to quickly create and customize a dashboard with embedded images, videos, and news feeds to enhance the data story. Whether sharing data with executives or analysts, dashboards can be tailored to individual stakeholders and the data they need to make decisions with speed and agility.

Flexible Data Imports

Crimson Hexagon allows you to import your unstructured business data into the system, so you can get a broader dashboard view. You can get actionable insights from any data source, such as product reviews, sales figures, support tickets, chat transcripts and more.

Different products for different types of users

  • Deep Analysis

    By blending human intelligence and artificial intelligence, ForSight filters through large scale, noisy data streams to surface unique and impactful insights.
  • Instant Insights

    HelioSight offers instant insights to better understand key volumetrics and audience analytics in real-time.
  • Reports

    Regularly scheduled reports offer a powerful tool for sharing consumer insights with key stakeholders and the larger team.
  • APIs

    A full set of APIs enable data integration professionals to add new sources or export to other systems.

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