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Levy restaurants wanted to refine their stadium restaurant concepts to appeal to changing consumer preferences. Levy had a lot of internal data about their customers and their many stadium restaurants, but they didn’t know what to do with it. They brought in E15 to help them get their arms around their own data and uncover insights about consumers in their markets.
E15 was tasked with refining what Levy’s restaurant concepts should look like for sports fans in the St. Louis market. Using Crimson Hexagon, they analyzed Levy’s data and social media data to determine the food preferences of consumers in St. Louis, and found some interesting trends.
The results from Crimson showed a strong interest in fusion restaurants, and E15 came back to Levy and told them they needed Mexican, BBQ and Asian, all mixed all together. The initial reaction was “are you crazy?” After overcoming the initial objections, the refined restaurant concepts were extremely successful. Within half a season, the same locations had already exceeded the revenue for the entire year prior all thanks to consumer insights from Crimson Hexagon.

Crimson Hexagon fills in the gaps. We can do surveys, we can look at market data..but social listening really gives us the color behind that data and it also gives us people’s honest opinions.

-Linsey Smith, Manager of Analytics at The E15 Group

Consumer Insights with Crimson Hexagon

Consumer preferences are constantly changing. It’s important for brands to understand what consumers want and how their preferences are evolving. While traditional consumer research is static, consumer insights from social media analysis offers dynamic trend analysis in real-time. Crimson Hexagon’s platform help brands get out ahead of trends to appeal to consumers.

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