Uncover emerging trends in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry

Crimson Hexagon’s AI-Powered Consumer Insights Platform helps CPG brands understand changing consumer preferences, track market trends, and develop more successful products and campaigns. Online consumer conversations from social media, reviews, forums, and more can provide the insights CPG brands need to continue creating products and campaigns that grow market share and boost customer loyalty.

Explore consumer insights about the CPG industry

When consumers walk the aisles of their local supermarket, how do they choose which items to put in their carts? Which brands earn their loyalty and which do they shun? What emerging trends are affecting their purchase decisions? Answer these questions and more in our interactive microsite.

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CPG brands use Crimson's consumer insights platform for:

  • Brand Analysis

    Measure brand health and determine what’s driving perception about specific products
  • Campaign Analysis

    Monitor campaign performance to understand ROI and consumer response across channels
  • Competitive Analysis

    Compare your brand to top competitors’ audience, brand perception, and share of voice
  • Industry Analysis

    Uncover consumer trends in your market and understand your evolving industry landscape

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See how the platform provides consumer insights to CPG brands.

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