Keep tabs on your competitors

How do you gather intelligence on your top competitors and measure your performance against theirs? Crimson Hexagon helps you analyze trillions of consumer conversations to uncover insights on your competitive landscape.

  • Understand share of voice across different audience groups and compare to competitors
  • Identify consumer opinions about strengths and weaknesses of competitive offerings
  • Monitor new entrants into the marketplace

How FOCUS Brands uncovered market white space

By analyzing consumer conversations with Crimson Hexagon, FOCUS brands learned that, although Starbucks and Panera were frequently mentioned in the overall iced green tea conversation, no brands were talking about mango-flavored iced green tea. After testing messaging, FOCUS Brands launched the new mango iced green tea to a highly positive reception. It has been a popular menu item ever since.

AI-powered competitive intelligence

Crimson Hexagon leverages state-of-the-art AI technologies, image analytics, and the world’s largest data library. We help our customers quickly and easily gather competitive intelligence by analyzing consumer conversations at scale.

  • AI

    Machine learning allows users to understand competitor brand perception beyond automated positive, negative, neutral.
  • Data Library

    The most robust data access and historical library ensures data surrounding all competitors is being pulled equally.
  • Image Analytics

    The largest library of brand logos allows you to track images containing your competitors for no additional fee.
  • Personalized Experience

    Owned channel monitors allow users to easily access engagement data surrounding their competitors.

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