Who is Crimson Hexagon?

Crimson Hexagon helps global brands better understand their consumers.

With instant access to the world’s largest volume of unstructured text and images across social, online public, and enterprise-held data sources, Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered consumer insights platform allows clients to analyze audiences, track brand perception and campaign performance, and even detect competitive and market trends.

Our clients include Anheuser-Busch InBev, Adidas, General Mills, Paramount Pictures, and Twitter. You can also find us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Our values

We are an organization that is always striving to do the right thing for our customers, shareholders and internal employees.

These values are embedded in every part of our organization from the hiring process through to our leadership:

Crimson Hexagon's values; be professional, be humble, be human

The story behind our name

Our company’s name derives from the “Crimson Hexagon” described in Jorge Luis Borges’ short story, The Library of Babel.

The narrator in Borges’ story describes a library of astronomical size, comprised of almost infinite hexagonal-shaped rooms that collectively contain every possible combination of just 23 letters, a space, a period, and a comma. Though most of the books are gibberish, the library also contains every valuable book ever written and that might ever be written.

Similarly, the Crimson Hexagon platform helps brands find valuable meaning in a seemingly infinite volume of unstructured text and images.

Another reason that the color crimson is central to our identity is our founder, Dr. Gary King. King is a world-renowned social scientist and professor at Harvard University, an institution that is also known for the color crimson and for helping inquiring minds find meaning.

Our story

Crimson Hexagon started with an attempt to answer a challenging question. How can we analyze and understand causes of death in undeveloped parts of the world based on inconsistent language in informal notes? Dr. Gary King, our founder and board chair, developed an algorithm that could answer the question revolutionizing the way language data could be analyzed for healthcare.

Dr. King realized that algorithm could be used for much more, and he applied it to blog posts during the 2008 presidential election to determine which way people would vote. Gary then determined that the algorithm could be used to explore online consumer opinions from forums, online reviews, and social media. From that launching point, Crimson Hexagon was founded.

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