Who should take this course?

This course is designed for new users who want to get up and running in the platform quickly and efficiently and existing users who want to refresh their skills. Any users who are newer to social media analytics or consumer insights who want to learn in a collaborative environment are also welcome.

This instructor-led training will cover:

  • Developing a business-driven approach to social media analysis and consumer insights.
  • Building out robust keyword structures with Boolean logic.
  • Understanding how to use Buzz and Opinion Monitors.
  • Auditing your analysis keywords.


Topics we will discuss...

Approaching Crimson

Trainees learn about unstructured data, and the importance of beginning analyses with meaningful business questions. We will then discuss how to make decisions in the platform based on those questions.

Boolean & Keywords

Trainees will learn how to build a keyword string using basic Boolean operators and more advanced field specifiers and wildcards. We will also cover best practices for keyword ideation and structure.

Buzz Monitors

Trainees will learn the fundamentals of building Buzz Monitors. After discussing Best Practices, Tips and Tricks, and Use Cases, participants will have hands-on time to build their own Monitors.

Opinion Monitors

After learning about the differences between Buzz and Opinion Monitors, Trainees will learn about use cases and best practices for creating categories and training posts for a customized analysis.

Dissemination Strategies

This portion of the day will focus on taking everything we have created and learned out of the platform to share with others. Attendees will learn how to how to export data and visualizations, share Monitors, as well as create and share Dashboards and Reports.