Understand how your campaigns impact consumer perception of your brand

How can you monitor the performance of multiple campaigns across various channels to determine ROI? Crimson Hexagon allows you to understand the success of your campaigns through consumer reaction, audience reach, intent to purchase and more.

  • Measure the success of a brand’s campaign to improve ROI
  • Track campaign conversation and engagement for incremental opportunities
  • Monitor for flashpoints or potential crises with the campaign

How Social Chain uses Crimson to optimize campaign performance

“Working with Crimson was like switching the lights on”

-Steve Bartlett, CEO at Social Chain

AI-powered campaign analysis

Crimson Hexagon leverages state-of-the-art AI technologies, image analytics, and the world’s largest data library. We help our customers easily track campaign performance beyond engagement by analyzing consumer conversations.

  • AI

    Machine learning allows users to see how campaigns impact key conversation drivers surrounding the brand.
  • Data Library

    The most extensive data coverage ensures that users can benchmark against historical campaigns and track all key conversations surrounding a campaign.
  • Image Analytics

    The largest library of brand logos of any of the competitors, searchable for no additional fee, enables faster, more comprehensive analyses.
  • Personalized Experience

    Easy to use dashboards and reports increase the visibility of campaign performance throughout the enterprise.

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