Yes Joe, This Is a Big Deal

President Obama just signed into law a universal healthcare bill modeled, in some respects, on the healthcare system that we have here in Massachusetts. Regardless of how they feel, people agree with Joe Biden that it will have massive ramifications for the economy and well-being of the American people for decades.
Given the intense emotions that the reform debate has drummed up, we thought it would be fascinating to analyze the online conversation surrounding the billís passage. Here’s what we found:

The Online Conversation – 47% For the Bill

Almost one-third of the conversation was specifically in support of the legislation. Many of these tweets said that it was ‘about time’ that universal healthcare was enacted and that healthcare is a human right rather than a privilege.
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Another 17% of the conversation was in support of healthcare reform, but focused against Republicans. This blog is for all ages, so many of these exact tweets won’t be repeated here, but suffice it to say that if you were to search any curse-word AND Republicans in Twitter, you’ll see some of what we found.
Opinion Against the Bill – 39% of Tweets
Almost as many of the tweets were against the healthcare bill. One quarter of the conversation expressed opposition, for reasons ranging from the high cost to decreasing freedom. Anti-abortion Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak managed to capture the ire of 16% of the tweets, the vast majority of which expressed anger that he reversed course and supported the bill.
Finally, 13% of the conversation, for and against the bill, was simply confused or amused by the byzantine, parliamentary process by which the Congress passes laws.
So What Does It All Mean?
Our opinion analysis appears to confirm what we already knew; people are divided and frustrated with the process. Surprise! If you want to see what we can do for your political campaign, product, or brand, e-mail us at

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