Wisdom of the crowd

Crimson Hexagon, Forward3D and Virgin Holidays bring social insights to the travel industry

In the fast moving and ever evolving travel industry, staying ahead of the curve shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is especially important for brands with an existing reputation to maintain, such as Virgin Holidays.

Well-known for its innovative approach to the business of travel, Virgin Holidays has just launched the world’s first ever socially-aggregated online travel guide, powered by Crimson Hexagon’s cutting edge AI technology.

The Trending Travel Guide draws on insights from Crimson Hexagon’s access to millions of social media posts in order to engage would-be travellers with the hottest trending attractions and destinations from around the world.

The latest tweets, social posts and images from iconic holiday spots help to inspire audiences with fresh travel ideas in real-time, from destinations such as Las Vegas, New York City and Orlando.

Importantly, instead of taking Virgin Holidays’ word for how great a destination is, its audiences can now evaluate new destinations before booking, based on the wisdom of the crowd.

In usual Virgin style, this represents a bold move in the travel industry.

“We decided there was space to be disruptive, so we set ourselves a task of finding a new and engaging way of bringing destination content to our customers,” said James Libor, Lead, Media, Digital and Brand Partnerships at Virgin Holidays.

The Trending Travel Guide offers audiences a compelling experience for discovering new destinations and travel recommendations, while also helping Virgin Holidays to boost its content strategy.

It’s already showing promising results with target audiences, and the figures speak for themselves: visitors to the Guide view 14.75% more pages than those browsing other inspiration-editorial content, and the average session duration is 75.29% higher compared to legacy content.

“Crimson Hexagon’s support for our innovative use of its data meant that we were able to deliver a world-first for a client and generate media interest in the project,” said Jamie Stilgoe of Forward3D.

In early 2019 and beyond, the team at Virgin Holidays plan to expand the fledgling Guide by adding many more destinations. They will continue to work with social data collected through Crimson Hexagon to offer audiences new insights into the latest destinations and travel trends. This could be the start of a whole new approach to destination marketing.

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