Will the Verizon / Redbox partnership create a viable alternative to Netflix?

Verizon and Redbox created quite a stir when they announced a partnership with the intent of creating a streaming video rental service to go head-to-head with Netflix. Though it won’t launch until the second half of this year, the Verizon/Redbox service was robustly discussed online.
To get a better sense of how online consumers feel about the new service we analyzed thousands of public posts from Twitter, blogs and forums, online news sites and Facebook.
The key take-away: Netflix beware.
Why? More than 50% of the online conversation showed that consumers would entertain an alternative, or at least think Netflix should watch its back.
Here’s the specific breakdown of opinions present in the online conversation:

  • 26% of the conversation indicated consumers had a desire to try the new Verizon/Redbox service
  • 24% cautioned Netflix to watch its back
  • 6% suggested they’d jump to a new ship for a lower cost option
  • 7% showed some concern for Verizon, wondering how this move would alter its business
  • The remainder of the conversation was simply sharing of the news

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What do you think about the Verizon/Redbox partnership?  Did our analysis surprise you?
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