Why Even Olympic Sponsorships Need A Context Qualifier

Knowing What To Sponsor And Who Will Tune In

Sochi.ru brand sponsorship
Before they became national ambassadors, every would-be Olympic athlete passed a series of rigorous tests. These tests served to foster healthy competition, gauge the relative performance of all participants and, above all, inform the final selection of who would don the red, white, and blue on the greatest of stages.
Almost every aspect of an individual athlete’s evaluation is easily quantifiable.
In the world of marketing, corporate sponsorship might be the furthest thing from an exact science. There is no formula for best fit. It’s a challenge to really know whether your brand is a good match for the content and the medium your agency proposed to you. It’s even harder to accurately attribute sales to the placement.
Marketers today largely rely on gut feel and a static, inflexible audience profile to inform these colossal spends.
To me, this practice is just unacceptable.
With all of the traditional, digital, and social information at our fingertips, the decision of where a brand spends thousands or millions of dollars on a sponsorship should be no less meticulous than the selection of the people who are chosen to compete (and actually create the engaging content) in the first place.
Social media, as the largest source of unsolicited consumer opinion, is the only dataset that allows you to access consumers’ interests and affinities at scale and absent bias. Stop guessing at fit and demand more information about your target audiences. It’s available. Right now.

So I ask: Are you promoting goodwill among the right people?

Sochi Olympic sponsorship panasonic and omega
In this case study, I examine two worldwide sponsors of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Panasonic and Omega SA. Request an online product demonstration with us now, and learn how you can apply new context qualifiers to your media planning efforts and sponsorship decisions.

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