Why Content Today Demands Social Data to Back It Up

We all know the factors that draw in an audience: clean design, direct and powerful language, and perhaps, most importantly, a topic your audience cares about. Content marketing is moving furiously into every team’s strategic goals for this year, but more than just talking about what we think people are interested in, readers want the stats to back it up.
Social Media is no longer in its infancy. With about half of the world’s population invested in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s our responsibility as marketers to harness the power we have in the realm of big data analytics and repurpose that knowledge into interesting and exciting discussions about stuff people actually care about. Not what we think they’ll care about, not a hunch or a guess, but the actual proof that social data can be used in to make those decisions.
Many businesses still wonder: why should we bother to spend the money on a social data tool? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in this pursuit. Major brands and their advertising agencies spending tens of thousands of dollars everyday to figure what 18-24 year old women who live in the Northeastern area of the U.S. care about. You could also be analyzing a topic of unbranded conversation and see the surrounding interests of the social users interested in that conversation, and create something spectacular for their brand. You can also search for the most prominent conversations for those interested in a particular segment of conversation, if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, this allows you to discover something new.
The best way to ensure my content is “data-supported” is by using social analytics to help guide my content strategies. How can social analytics make the difference for your writing? It can inform your story and give you the confidence to build creatively and practically. Here’s a couple of the reasons social data is crucial for my content:

  1. When the clock is ticking, it’s crucial for analyzing data firsthand, without having to ask for more. We have data, indexed and ready to review; it doesn’t need to be procured from a source. This allows for massive historical analyses and our tool can turn around results with ease.
  2. There are no restrictions and no waste; you can parse down a conversation into what you’d like to focus on, and weed out what doesn’t matter. The best stories are refined specifically with insights to support your topic.
  3. Refining the data is a cinch. Our new training system allows you to sort posts quickly and efficiently to build those deeper dive monitors even more quickly. With powerful analyses in record time, you’ll have the validation you need as an insights expert in your vertical.

Content marketing exists as an ever-hungry monster, snarling in the corner, and spitting at writers until they feed it with something well-written. Sometimes, it’s satisfied and sometimes, it demands even more information. Working for Crimson Hexagon, I’ve learned that I can write everyday about anything I have an interest in, and have the research on consumer behavior to back that passion up with powerful numbers. It’s the most valuable tool in my marketing belt that helps keeps that content beast satisfied.
…At least, for a few minutes.

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