Who’s the Best Celebrity Guest for Carpool Karaoke?

Finding a successful host for late night TV is no easy task. First, you need someone who appeals to members of several generations. Then you need someone who can keep up with the evolving landscape of late-night TV. And finally, of course, you need someone who can stay fresh and engaging for around 200 nights a year.
Because of this, it’s not rare for a new late-night host to take a year or more to truly grow into the role. However, with James Corden, who took over the helm of the Late Late Show in March 2015, there’s reason to believe he found success much more quickly than many predicted.
But, of course, stating definitively and objectively that Corden has been a success is no easy feat. Social media, luckily can give us some insight into how audiences have felt about Corden’s unfolding stint on the show.
Let’s take a look at what social media analytics can tell us about how Corden is doing.

General Sentiment

Looking at the conversations over the last year and a half, we can see that the show mainly draws positive responses. In fact, happiness is the dominant emotion throughout the majority of these posts.
But it’s not all about general happiness. What is it that people are actually feeling positive about with Corden’s show and performance?  What’s the best skit? File this under ‘unsurprising’: carpool karaoke as the reigning discussion for the favorite segment on the LLS. It contributes to over 38% of overall conversation related to the LLS.
Carpool Karaoke took over social as a favorite short form video,providing clips and memes for every social channel. Since Corden took over last March, there have been a number of celebrity guest appearances for these segments, all eliciting extremely positive reactions over social. But who’s #1 on the social ranking for favorite performance? What celebrity garnered the most attention for this program?

Who Owns Carpool Karaoke?

Looking at the data, we can see there are a series of spikes over the last few years. But which celebrities drove the most discussion over social for the show? The clear and unequivocal winner is One Direction.  Whether it was their initial visit with drove an unmatched reaction of 769,178 posts in one day, or the Christmas album release that followed, with another spike of 638,789 posts, OneD is connecting to social fans in a way no other celebrity could over social.
We can see that last little jump is for Adele’s carpool karaoke experience could not compare to the scale of the response for Beliebers and One Directioners. But is this the core audience of the show? What other interests do “frequent” conversationalists of the Late Late Show care about, besides the show?
We looked into the audience aggregate interests over the last year and half since Corden took over to learn more about the psychographic interests of the audience. We found that viewers are actually not even as big Bieber fans as the majority of social users. In fact, we unearthed a number of Celebrity names that “true viewers” would love to see perform on the Late Late Show.
Interests are high for Robbie Williams, Zooey Deschanel, Ariana Grande and Usher. Using social data, the casting team could build a schedule of celebrity appearances that will keep their newly built core viewers on the edge of their seats.
Social data can tell us a lot about how viewers interact with shows, including who the audience is that’s viewing certain hit programs and what committed viewers prioritized to watch. The LLS is already halfway to perfection— they have continuous interest in one segment of their broadcast. To keep that energy and interest high, social can help design an effective line-up for future celebs.
To learn more about audience segmentation in Hollywood, check out our guide for reaching and targeting audiences across social channels.

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