Who Told the Truth During the First Presidential Debate?

This week, Crimson Hexagon partnered with Current TV to investigate perceptions of whether candidates told the truth or lied during the first presidential debate in Denver on Wednesday.

In post-debate analysis, Mitt Romney has been widely hailed as the “winner” of the debate. Many say that Romney seemed confident and clear about his positions in Denver on Wednesday night.
However, Crimson Hexagon and Current TV found that the conversation about truthfulness on Twitter did not favor Governor Romney. In fact, 29% of the opinions about truth-telling said that Romney was lying, while only 2% of the conversation had to do with untruths put forth by President Obama.
Check out the rest of the story at Current TV.
And if you’re interested in the rest of Crimson Hexagon’s analysis of the 2012 presidential campaign, check out our blog for analyses of the first presidential debate, Paul Ryan as Vice Presidenial candidate, negativity in the election, immigration, and more.

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